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Non-emergency transportation

AFMC’s non-emergency transportation (NET) team works to improve the lives and health of Medicaid and Arkansas Health Care Independence Program (AHCIP) beneficiaries by ensuring access to safe and appropriate NET for medical services.

Beneficiary outreach

The Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation Helpline offers assistance to beneficiaries, health care providers, elected officials and the public by:

  • Locating the transportation broker for their county of residence
  • Investigating and resolving complaints
  • Addressing questions and comments related to the NET program
  • For AHCIP beneficiaries who have exceeded their leg/unit limitation but have a continued need for medical services, the Extension of Transportation Services (EOTS) Helpline provides:
  • Enhanced intake process to determine eligibility for increased legs/units

In addition to providing helpline services, the NET team develops educational materials regarding NET services for Medicaid and AHCIP beneficiaries, which are posted at afmc.org.

Transportation broker outreach

AFMC serves as the NET monitoring contractor to maintain oversight of the NET brokers and ensure compliance with all components of their NET broker agreement with the state. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Monitoring and inspecting NET vehicles to ensure the safety of the beneficiaries
  • Educating and monitoring brokers’ regulatory understanding and compliance
  • Tracking and trending of broker performance for quality improvement initiatives
  • Implementing corrective action plans for contract violations
  • Analyzing and auditing encounter claims
  • Onsite monitoring and coaching
  • Developing educational strategies for performance improvement and beneficiary access to transportation
  • Conducting broker education conferences

Administrative services

The NET team provides a variety of administrative functions for the NET program:

  • Serves as a liaison for Arkansas Medicaid through collaboration with vendors associated with the NET program
  • Collaborates with Medicaid in request for proposal development and other initiatives
  • Provides recommendations for strengthening the NET program and Medicaid policies
  • Participates in transportation broker payment development and restructure
  • Accommodates government officials in requested investigations and information searches
  • Investigates and assists with NET fair hearings

NET Help Line 888-987-1200, option 1  |  EOTS Help Line 844-223-0293