Medicaid Beneficiary Education

AFMC’s beneficiary education team conducts monthly, county-based meetings throughout the state to help newly enrolled Medicaid and ARKids First beneficiaries navigate the health care system.

The beneficiary education program has two purposes: increasing beneficiary health and decreasing Medicaid expenditures. Beneficiaries attending the sessions receive information aimed at improving their health by:

  • Increasing beneficiary use of preventive services and tools
  • Helping beneficiaries locate a primary care physician (PCP) if they do not have one
  • Increasing beneficiaries’ awareness of health risks
  • Encouraging beneficiaries to provide health risk information to their PCPs

The program also aims to decrease unnecessary emergency room visits by beneficiaries in order to lower Medicaid costs.

During the training sessions, the beneficiary educators also:

  • Provide assistance with designating a primary care physician (PCP) through ConnectCare
  • Administer a health assessment that will be shared with the assigned PCP
  • Answer Medicaid-related questions
  • Provide Medicaid resources to attendees

Attendees can register for the training session in two ways:
By phone: 1-855-275-5948

All beneficiaries who attend will be eligible for a $25 Walmart Gift Card Drawing

Phone Number – 855-275-5948

Contact us for more information