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Extension of benefits (EOB)

On lab, X-ray, physician and outpatient visits

Effective Feb. 1, 2005, AFMC began review of Medicaid EOB requests for clinical, outpatient, laboratory and X-ray services. Requests are considered only after the service(s) have been rendered and a claim is filed and subsequently denied because the patient’s benefit limits have been exhausted. Medicaid has a benefit limit per state fiscal year of:

  • $500 for lab and X-ray
  • 12 physician visits (in a physician’s office, patient’s home or nursing home)
  • 12 outpatient hospital visits (non-emergency ER visits, therapy services and related physician services)
  • Providers have the option of filing the EOB request on behalf of their recipients.  See Section 220.000, Benefit Limit

Pathology and radiology referral forms

Pathology referral form – use this form when referring a patient for lab tests

Radiology referral form – use this form when referring a patient for radiology testing

Current EOB review process

229.100 Extension of Benefits for Laboratory and X-Ray, Physician Office and Outpatient Hospital Services 2-1-05

  • Requests for extension of benefits for laboratory and X-ray, physician and outpatient services must be mailed to Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care (AFMC), Attn: EOB Review, 5111 Rogers Ave. Suite 476, Fort Smith, AR 72903 or P.O. Box 180001, Fort Smith, AR 72918-0001
    • i.Requests for extension of benefits are considered only after a claim is filed and is denied because the patient’s benefit limits are exhausted.
    • ii.Submit with the request a copy of the Medical Assistance Remittance and Status Report reflecting the claim’s denial for exhausted benefits. Do not send a claim.
  • A request for extension of benefits must be received by AFMC within 90 calendar days of the date of benefits-exhausted denial.
    • i.Requests for extension of benefits are considered only after a claim is filed and is denied because the patient’s benefit limits are exhausted.
    • ii.Submit with the request a copy of the Medical Assistance Remittance and Status Report reflecting the claim’s denial for exhausted benefits. Do not send a claim.

229.110 Completion of Request Form DMS-671, “Request For Extension of Benefits for Clinical, Outpatient, Laboratory and X-Ray Services” 7-1-07

Requests for extension of benefits for clinical services (physician’s visits), outpatient services (hospital outpatient visits), laboratory services (lab tests) and X-ray services (X-ray, ultrasound, electronic monitoring — EEG, EKG. etc.), must be submitted to AFMC for consideration. Consideration of requests for extension of benefits requires correct completion of all fields on the Request for Extension of Benefits for Clinical, Outpatient, Laboratory and X-Ray (form DMS-671). View the manual. View or print form DMS-671.) Complete instructions for accurate completion of form DMS- 671 (including indication of required attachments) accompany the form. All forms are listed and accessible in Section V of each Provider Manual.

Section II-46 Physician/Independent Lab/CRNA/Radiation Therapy Center Section II 229.120 Documentation Requirements 2-1-05

A. To request extension of benefits for any benefit-limited service, all applicable records that support the medical necessity of extended benefits are required. B. Documentation requirements are as follows:

i. Clinical records must:

a) Be legible and include records supporting the specific request

b) Be signed by the performing provider

c) Include clinical, outpatient and/or emergency room records for dates of service in chronological order

d) Include related diabetic and blood pressure flow sheets

e) Include a current medication list for the date of service

f) Include the obstetrical record related to a current pregnancy when applicable

g) Include clinical indication for laboratory and X-ray services ordered with a copy of orders for laboratory and X-ray services signed by the physician

ii. Laboratory and radiology reports must include:

a) Clinical indication for laboratory and X-ray services ordered

b) Signed orders for laboratory and radiology services

c) Results signed by the performing provider

d) Current and all previous ultrasound reports, including biophysical profiles and fetal non-stress tests when applicable

229.130 Administrative Reconsideration of Extensions of Benefits Denial 2-1-06

A. A request for administrative reconsideration of an extension of benefits denial must be in writing and sent to AFMC within 30 calendar days of the denial. The request must include a copy of the denial letter and additional supporting documentation pursuant to section 229.120.

B. The deadline for receipt of the reconsideration request will be enforced pursuant to sections 190.012 and 190.013 of this manual. A request received by AFMC within 35 calendar days of a denial will be deemed timely. A request received later than 35 calendar days gives rise to a rebuttable presumption that it is not timely.

229.140 Appealing an Adverse Action 2-1-06

Please see section 190.000 et al. for information regarding administrative appeals.

Fair hearing requests

The Medicaid client may request a fair hearing of a denied review determination made by either the Utilization Review Department of Human Services (DHS) or AFMC. The fair hearing request must be in writing and sent to the Appeals and Hearings Section of DHS within 35 calendar days of the date on the denial letter.

Providers may refer to section 190.000 of the Arkansas Medicaid Provider Manual for more information. Medicaid Provider Fair Hearing requests must be sent to Arkansas Department of Health, Medicaid Provider Appeals Office, 4815 West Markham Street – Slot 31, Little Rock, AR 72205.


Telephone: 479-649-8501, Option 1
Fax: 479-649-0799

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Extension of benefits (EOB) FAQs

Where do I send a request for extension of benefits?
Attn: EOB


For US Postal Service mail:
P.O. Box 180001
Fort Smith, AR 72918-0001

For FedEx, UPS or other such carriers (use our physical address):
5111 Rogers Ave.
Suite 476
Fort Smith, AR 72918

May I fax in my EOB request(s)?
No, EOB requests must be received via mail (i.e., United States Postal Service, FedEx, etc.)
How do I find out the status of the previously submitted EOB request(s)?
All Approval Case Listing letters and/or denial letters are mailed to the provider that requested the extension of benefit.
What will help my claims for extension of benefits to be reviewed quickly?
Having a complete DMS 671 form, the remittance and status report (RA), the report and order for the service(s) being requested, and the documentation to support the medical necessity.



If I receive a denial letter from AFMC, what do I need to send back to AFMC when I want to request reconsideration?
Send a copy of the AFMC denial letter and a letter requesting reconsideration. Also, provide any additional or missing information that was mentioned in the AFMC denial letter.


Learn more about the Medicaid Fairness Act

Access Arkansas Medicaid Healthcare Portal

Health Information and Privacy Protection

How AFMC protects you

AFMC respects your concerns about personal data protection and value our relationship with you. AFMC complies with federal and state laws, also an internal compliance program to protect the privacy of medical records, personal health information (PHI), and personal identifiable information (PII). AFMC implements a set of processes and system controls designed to ensure security of your privacy regulated by the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). We put continuous efforts into monitoring potential risk by conducting audits, risk management, security planning and other FISMA related best practices. The Standards of Conduct articulates AFMC’s commitment to follow applicable federal and state laws and regulations, including the following: Title XVIII of the Social Security Act; Medicare regulations found in 42 C.F.R., sections 422 and 423; Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA); Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and as modified by HITECH Act; False Claims Act (FCA) and the Federal Criminal False Claims statutes; NIST Special Publication 800-26, Department of Defense (DoD) Policy 8500; Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/3; ISO/IEC Standard 17799; General Accounting Office (GAO) Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM); and Health and Human Services (HHS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Core Security Requirements.

How to protect yourself

AFMC will protect your privacy as described in this Privacy Statement, however, you should keep in mind that if you voluntarily disclose personal information, especially confidential health information, it is possible that despite our efforts, information may be accessible by others. You can help guard against this by:

  • Enabling security features on personal mobile devices
  • Use strong passwords with your laptop and mobile accounts
  • Safely dispose of personal information (mail, old hard drives and computers)
  • Ensure that personal computers have the latest security updates to decrease risk
  • Keeping hard copy of sensitive information stowed away in secure cabinet or briefcase
  • Don’t overshare information through social networking
  • Be conscious of web security (internet browser settings)
  • Be conscious of your surrounding when carrying sensitive information