Health care resources

  • Surviving a Heat Wave; 9 Tips to Save Lives

    If it’s summer and you’re in Arkansas, you know it’s coming – a fry-an-egg-on-the-pavement heat wave. Even if it’s not an official heat wave, we have many more weeks of hot, humid weather before fall. Here are the summer’s best survival tips. Do you know the symptoms of heat exhaustion Read more →

  • Lyme Disease Is Hard to Identify; Increasing Rapidly

    Lyme disease is described as a “quiet plague.” It is the fastest growing infectious disease in the United States. There are an estimated 400,000 new cases of Lyme disease and related illnesses every year in this country. That’s more infections that HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, colon cancer or Read more →

  • 13 Tips for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

    We all want to have healthy, beautiful skin, especially in the summer when more of it shows. Almost every lifestyle choice you make affects your skin. From what you eat, to smoke exposure; from how much you sleep, to how you banish stress, a healthy lifestyle is reflected in beautiful, glowing Read more →

  • 16 Top Firework Safety Tips

    By Jennifer Anderson, MD, PharmD. Fireworks season is here! Everyone enjoys a beautiful fireworks display, but fireworks can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. In 2015, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported nearly 12,000 fireworks-related injuries plus 11 deaths in the United Read more →

  • 17 Tips to Manage Diabetes in Hot Weather or on Vacation

    Summer brings special challenges for people with diabetes. These tips can help you safely manage diabetes in hot weather and when you’re on vacation. The effects of heat are more strongly felt by people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes for several reasons: Complications that are common for people Read more →

Helpful websites

Access Arkansas
Find out if you qualify for Arkansas human services, apply for new benefits, finish your in-process application, or check your application and program status.

Arkansas Department of Human Services
Apply for a vast array of services including ARKids First health insurance for children, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps), Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA) and Medicaid.

Arkansas Medicaid
Helps pay for medically necessary medical services for needy and low-income persons.

ARKids First
Provides two health insurance coverage options for low-income families that include a comprehensive package of benefits.

Apply for health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Marketplace is designed to help you find health coverage that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Helps people who have Medicaid and ARKids First find a medical home by locating a primary care doctor (PCP) and dental care.

The Health Insurance Marketplace allows consumers to more easily search for the plan that best meets their budget and health needs.

Find and compare doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and other health professionals, facilities and services.

The PreventionWorksAR web pages house data and resources from a variety of sources for the Division of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS), Arkansas Department of Human Services.

Sickle Cell Support Services
Sickle Cell Support Services provides supportive assistance and services to families affected by Sickle Cell Anemia Disease.

UAMS Center for Health Literacy
Learn how to improve society and population health by making health information easier to understand and use.