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Arkansas Works provides health care coverage to Arkansans who are U.S. citizens and certain legally residing immigrants ages 19-64 with household incomes below 138 percent of the Federal Poverty Level for their family size. If determined eligible for this program, individuals will be enrolled in either a Qualified Health Plan or Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI). Medicaid will pay most or all of the premiums for the plan while the individual may be responsible for co-pays and a small part of the premium. If eligible, individuals may have a small co‐pay for doctor visits, prescriptions and certain other medical services. All Arkansas Works Program recipients will be referred to the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services for free job assistance services.

Some people ages 19-49 on Arkansas Works will be required to work 80 hours per month or engage in other activities such as job training, job searching, education or volunteering, or some combination.

People who are medically frail, pregnant, or face short-term incapacitation or are caring for an incapacitated person may be exempt.

To apply for the Arkansas Works program or to report work activities or exemptions, use the button below or visit Access Arkansas.

To learn about Arkansas Medicaid and Arkansas Works benefits, and to receive education credit for your Arkansas Works requirements, you can attend an education session in your county. For more information about these education sessions, call 1-855-275-5948 or visit the Beneficiary Education page.

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