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Physician practices must adhere to a variety of state and federal regulatory requirements. AFMC’s multidisciplinary team of highly trained professionals provides education, technical assistance and guidance to help meet the challenges practices face, whether it be changes in payment models, adoption of electronic health records or quality reporting initiatives. AFMC helps providers do all of this without sacrificing quality of care and patient satisfaction.

AFMC provider spotlight

See how Arkansas clinics take practice transformation to the next level.

Pediatric Associates of Marion and West Memphis

  • Arkansas Good Medicine Gives You Time to Learn

    As a practicing physician, spare time to learn about health care policy or the larger factors that determine patient health can be nonexistent. AFMC is here to help. Applications are The post […]

  • What Do Nurses Do?

    Chances are you’ve seen a nurse in action and know how important nurses are to everyone’s health. The nursing profession has evolved a lot over the last 100 years, growing The post What Do Nurses […]

  • HPV Summit to Feature Prevention Options

    HPV or human papillomavirus is very common. Almost all sexually active adults either have it, have had it, or will be infected with HPV at some point. Many people are The post HPV Summit to Feature […]

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