AIPP training and education opportunities

AIPP offers a monthly webinar and other statewide conferences and events. Find an event on the calendar below or a list of resources from past conference calls and webinars.

AIPP monthly webinar

The AIPP/OLTC monthly webinar is held on the second Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m.

The topics are determined by the current training needs identified throughout the state and by the homes’ requests for future topics.

These webinars are “listening only” calls. Due to the number of participants, each home’s line will be muted after their initial dial-in.

Because we do not want to miss the opportunity to answer homes’ questions, we will provide a question/comment page with each notice. All homes are encouraged to submit this page via fax (501-372-5926) by the Friday following the webinar.

Speaker handouts, when provided, will be made available on the AIPP website following the webinar, or you may contact our office at 501-212-8602 to request an emailed copy.

Continuing education will be offered for webinars lasting one hour.

To ensure you receive notices about these educational opportunities, please contact us.

Webinar recordings

*CE opportunities available. For more information, please call AIPP at 501-212-8602.

Webinar handouts