Culture change

In the long-term care industry, the shift to person-centered care is referred to as culture change. The goal is to increase residents’ involvement in decisions that affect their care, daily schedules and lifestyles to be more similar to their prior life outside the nursing home. With an approach based on a number of national culture change programs such as the Eden Alternative, the Greenhouse Model, and the Pioneer Network, AFMC’s Arkansas Innovative Performance Program (AIPP) created an intensive, year-long course for long-term care facilities in 2010.

Basic blueprint for implementing culture change

This blueprint contains the basic guidance for any nursing facility to find their culture change starting point and offer guidance on the implementation of those identified areas.

Culture change presentations

Powerpoint presentations that cover topics such as an overview of culture change and caregiver satisfaction.

My culture change home

An interactive tour that provides insight into how culture change concepts can be incorporated in every part of a facility or home.

Culture change best practice tools

A skilled nursing or assisted living facility can introduce culture change without taking the AIPP course. The following tools and resources help build the foundation necessary to begin making changes or sustain changes in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Dog days of culture change

Find out how to incorporate dogs and therapy animals into a facility to increase resident interaction and satisfaction.