Health care resources

  • How to Keep Your Patients and Practice Safe

    While you’re taking care of patients, who’s protecting their health information? Ignoring security problems can be very costly. Protecting patients’ health information is not only vital to your business, it is critical to providing patient care. The Health Insurance Portability Read more →

  • Free Registration: AFMC’s Annual Medicaid Conference

    More than a quarter of Arkansas residents receive some type of Medicaid assistance. That’s why it’s important for providers and clinic staff to stay current on best practices, and program and financial changes.   WHO:        Arkansas health care Read more →

  • Learn How to Build Resilience Against ACEs

    Arkansas has the highest percentage in the nation of children who have experienced emotional or physical abuse, neglect, family instability, poverty or exposure to violence. These are some of the adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that can negatively affect children’s mental and physical Read more →

  • Reviews Save Money, Ensure Quality of Care

    AFMC has been doing utilization review for more than 45 years. AFMC’s review work helps providers meet quality of care standards and ensures that claims paid are medically necessary. Reviews help prevent fraud and abuse on behalf of both public and private health plans, as well as save health Read more →

  • Arkansas Works: What You Need to Know

    If you are on Arkansas Medicaid for your health coverage (also called Arkansas Works, formerly called the Private Option), you may have heard about some changes that will start June 1. The Arkansas Legislature has imposed a work requirement for some people on Arkansas Works. Unless you have an Read more →

Helpful websites

Access Arkansas
Find out if you qualify for Arkansas human services, apply for new benefits, finish your in-process application, or check your application and program status.

ANGELS Guidelines
The Antenatal and Neonatal Guidelines, Education and Learning System (ANGELS) allows providers to quickly access medical practice guidelines from any phone, tablet or computer. You can search by keywords and bookmark specific guidelines for easy reference.

Arkansas Department of Human Services
Apply for a vast array of services including ARKids First health insurance for children, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps), Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA) and Medicaid.

Arkansas Medicaid
Helps pay for medically necessary medical services for needy and low-income persons.

Arkansas Medicaid Front Line Provider Portal
Information related to Arkansas Medicaid’s new MMIS and Healthcare Portal.

Arkansas Medicaid Provider Manuals
Access Medicaid manuals, transmittal letters, notices of rule making, official notices and RA messages for each provider type.

ARKids First
Provides two health insurance coverage options for low-income families that include a comprehensive package of benefits.

Helps people who have Medicaid and ARKids First find a medical home by locating a primary care doctor (PCP) and dental care.

The Health Insurance Marketplace allows consumers to more easily search for the plan that best meets their budget and health needs.

Naloxone Protocol – Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy
The Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy and the Arkansas Pharmacists Association worked together to prepare a Naloxone Protocol which can be used much like the protocols for administering immunizations with any prescriptions initialized being in the name of the prescriber on the protocol.

Find and compare doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and other health professionals, facilities and services.

The PreventionWorksAR web pages house data and resources from a variety of sources for the Division of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS), Arkansas Department of Human Services.

UAMS Center for Health Literacy
Learn how to improve society and population health by making health information easier to understand and use.