Patient-centered medical home – quality assurance

AFMC’s patient-centered medical home – quality assurance (PCMH-QA) team specializes in improving health care outcomes and the quality of care provided to Arkansas Medicaid beneficiaries. Our staff works to ensure that enrolled practices are meeting the metrics and activities of the PCMH program and that the program is making payments only to qualified practices.


  • Provides training and education regarding quality assurance activities via webinars, onsite visits, emails or phone calls
  • Performs onsite and remote reviews to ensure practices are meeting required metrics and activities
  • Initiates and monitors the remediation process to enable practices to remediate performance if practices are not meeting the required metrics and activities

2017 PCMH Proposed Activities for Practice Support*

Activity Description Deadline
A Identify top 10% of high-priority patients (including BH Clients) 03/31/2017
B Provide 24/7 access to care 06/30/2017
C Document approach to expanding access to same-day appointments 06/30/2017
D Capacity to receive direct E-Messaging from the patients
Describe method of e-messaging used
(New 2017)
E Enrollment in the Arkansas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP):  All PCPs must enroll in PMP program. Report method(s) used to monitor controlled substance prescriptions using PMP program.
(New 2017)
F Childhood/Adult Vaccination Practice Strategy 12/31/2017
G Join SHARE or participate in a network that delivers hospital discharge information to practice within 48 hours 12/31/2017
H Incorporate e-prescribing into practice workflows 12/31/2017
I Care Plans for High Priority Beneficiaries
Create Care Plans
(New target 2017 – 80 percent)
J Patient Literacy Assessment Tool:
Choose any health literacy tool and administer the screening to at least 50 beneficiaries (enrolled in the PCMH program) or their caregivers.
(New 2017)
K Ability to receive Patient Feedback
Indicate method used to received patient feedback and describe how feedback is used to make improvements.
(New 2017)
L Care Instructions for HPB
Create and share with the patient an after-visit summary of the patient’s visit. Include diagnosis, medication list, tests, and results (if available), referrals (if applicable), and follow-up instructions.
(New 2017)
M Medication Management
Describe the practices EHR reconciliation process. Document updates to active medication list in EHR for HPB
(New 2017)
N 10 day follow-up after an acute inpatient hospital stay
(New 2017, previously a QM; Target is 40 percent)

* Activities are subject to change pending Arkansas Medicaid enrollment in the CPC+ program

PMCH-QA news

Unannounced six-month onsite validation visits will begin July 2016 and will go through September 2016. Practices can expect an onsite visit from one of our QA specialist any time during this time frame.

For more information or questions, please call Doriane Washington at 501-212-8629 or use the contact form below




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