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Quick Training Guides

The quick track training series featuring short videos and corresponding handouts to get you up to speed — quickly! Each short episode in this series will instruct you on a particular skill so you can master what you need right now.

Go to the HealthCare provider portal to practice what you’ve learned! 

Eligibility Verification

Files Exchange for Health Care Innovations (HCI)

How to Access a Prior Authorization Letter

How to Adjust/Edit a Claim

How to Submit a Claim with Third Party Liability (TPL)

How to Submit a Medicare/Medicaid Crossover Claim

How to Void a Claim

Portal Password Reset

Timely Filing

Webinar Videos

Electronic Visit Verification Webinar PPT image
Electronic Visit Verification Webinar PPT image

Job Aids

Archived Job Aids

Other Resources

AR Medicaid Front Line

Connect to Front Line for the latest alerts and important information about the new MMIS provider portal.

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