Medicaid Management Information System – frequently asked questions

How can I learn more about the new MMIS and how to use it?

We will keep you informed of the progress of the development and delivery of the new MMIS, so we encourage you to check this page often to stay up-to-date!

How can I alert my trading partners about the new MMIS?

If you currently rely on a vendor, clearing house, or billing company ( i.e., a trading partner) to submit claims or any other electronic transaction to Arkansas Medicaid, you must contact them immediately to notify them of changes that must be made regarding the submission process for the new system. A letter addressed directly to trading partners outlines the actions that need to be taken prior to “go-live” in order to be ready to submit transactions on day one. Download the trading partner letter now. (PDF, new window)

If I forget my security question, who should I call?

Contact the EDI Support Center at 800-457-4454.

Will the Provider Search option show the physician’s provider number?

No. The Provider Search tab will give you the name and address of the provider. In order to obtain more information, you will need to contact the provider.

When voiding a claim through the portal, can I resubmit a new claim right away, or do I have to wait until the voided claim processes on the upcoming remit to submit the new claim?

You should be able to void the claim and resubmit the new claim the same day.

Can I submit multiple dates of services on one claim submission if the CPT and diagnosis codes are the same for a beneficiary?

Yes. You can submit up to 200 lines for Dental and Professional and 999 lines for Institutional.