Welcome to the first issue of AFMC’s Therapy Review News. We hope it will be an informative quarterly communication and help you provide independent therapy review services. We are thankful for your expertise and value the time you have provided to AFMC.

Our goal for this e-newsletter is to help build a closer relationship with you and improve your engagement with the review process. Therapy Review News will provide a “quick-read” of useful information to improve the review process and make it easier. We also hope this eblast will encourage you to make suggestions about how we can be more helpful to you.

We plan to include content that:

  • Focuses on standard therapy rationales and what a rationale should include
  • Highlights nursing referral questions and how to address them
  • Will help you complete referrals within the average time allowance by providing timeliness updates and reports on the average time it takes to complete a review
  • Includes contractual expectations for reviews
  • Explains software updates
  • Includes Medicaid policy information, changes and how to interpret Arkansas Medicaid’s therapy policies

AFMC has been doing review work for more than 45 years. There have been many changes along the way. Technology has helped us improve the review process with enhanced security and speed.

We made major changes to our review platform last year when we launched AFMC ReviewPoint. This portal was developed by AFMC’s in-house IT staff based on a Salesforce platform. It has greatly improved efficiencies and helped control costs.

We are working to transition all reviewers to this portal during the next eight weeks. We believe it will be a useful and intuitive tool for you as an external reviewer. Please let us know any suggestions you have for improvement, comments – good or bad – or any questions. Our IT staff is available 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays to provide technical support about AFMC ReviewPoint at 501-212-8727.

Again, thanks for being a part of the AFMC team and we all look forward to working with you to provide the best and most timely therapy reviews

Chad T. Rodgers, MD
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, AFMC