Physician review is more secure and streamlined when performed in the virtual realm.To keep our review standards high, AFMC is now using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for all physician reviews. As a virtual desktop, VDI mimics an actual computer desktop via a secure webpage.

This move has provided increased security for protected health information (PHI). Even secure email is no longer considered the safest practice for exchanging medical information.

Physician reviewers will use AFMC ReviewPoint PA software. It is both HIPAA compliant and provides a faster turnaround than paper or fax submissions. You can quickly request a reconsideration or monitor the real-time status of cases. No additional hardware is required.

All AFMC’s physician advisors have been emailed information about the VDI and AFMC ReviewPoint PA portal. Reviewers should have received a login ID and temporary password, but several of you have not taken the time to successfully log into the system. You will need to use the login name and password to interact with the VDI. If you have not opened the email or tried to log into the portal, please do so as soon as possible. If you cannot find the email, please let us know.

Here are some tips for those who have successfully logged in and those who will be attempting to log into the system.

  1. Connectivity to the VDI infrastructure is possible by using any personal computer (PC), Apple Macintosh (Mac) software or Chrome Book.
  2. When entering into your browser, it is not necessary to use “www” before the VDI.
  3. To reset your password for AFMC ReviewPoint PA portal, you must access your email account from WITHIN VDI for it to work successfully. You cannot access your email on your phone and then click the link to reset your password. It will not work.
  4. Once you log into a VDI session, you will be presented with a computer desktop that has been configured to the administrator’s specifications. You can then interact within the webpage as if you are sitting at a PC within AFMC.
  5. To find the cases that have been assigned to you, on the “Reviews” page, click the drop-down menu next to “My Referrals” and find “My Referred MN Review Cases,” “My Referred ER Cases,” or “My Referred Tech Review Cases.”
  6. To complete a case and have it drop from your list, you must click “Edit” on the Details page, type a rationale in the PA Rationale box, enter your review decision from the drop-down box (but do NOT click “referred”), enter your time in minutes, click “Save” at the bottom. When you are returned to the Details page, click “Approve” on the right of the page, then click “Approve” again in the box that pops up. If you do not click both “Approve” boxes, the case will not be assigned back into the system appropriately. Ignore the “Reject” button if your review is complete.
  7. One physician found that by emailing the rationale he developed to himself (without any PHI), he could open his email from within VDI and copy and paste the rationale into the PA rationale box. Otherwise, if you enter information in a Word document outside of the VDI, it will not allow you to copy and paste.
  8. When logging out of the system, follow the steps to completely log out of VDI, or you may have trouble logging back in because the previous session is still open.
  9. If you have not received a copy of the “Quick Reference Guide,” email sjohnson@afmc.organd request one.
  10. If you need step-by-step instructions for navigating the AFMC ReviewPoint PA portal, email sjohnson@afmc.organd request a copy.

We want the system to work well for you. We are available to assist you as you learn how to use the system.