Prior authorizations

Beginning May 1, the Division of Medical Services (DMS), Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS), requires AFMC to transition all Prior Authorization (PA) requests to the Arkansas Medicaid Provider Portal, called MMIS interChange. Formerly, providers submitted PA requests electronically through the AFMC ReviewPoint portal.

In preparation for the transition, AFMC Peer Reviewers (contracted physicians) were asked to sign a DMS 5002 form. The form allows an account to be set up for them within the Medicaid portal to grant access to certain review types. The account will give peer reviewers the ability to view and complete assigned reviews within MMIS. If you have not completed a DMS 5002 form and wish to be set up as a reviewer in the DHS Medicaid Provider Portal, contact Sally Johnson at

Retrospective reviews

Retrospective reviews will continue to be completed within AFMC ReviewPointPA.

Link to the platform

A link to the DHS portal has been placed on the home page of AFMC’s VDI platform. If you log into VDI first, you can click the link to DHS without needing to download additional software programs to your computer. All the setup has been completed on AFMC’s VDI platform.

DHS required all AFMC’s review staff to complete multiple training modules and a security quiz before setting up our accounts. Physician reviewers must complete the security quiz to gain access to the portal. We appreciate you completing the form and required steps to get a login ID and password. Remember, you must log into the DHS portal at least once every 20 days or it will be disabled.

Training available

Additional training is available on how to complete a review within the DHS portal. An instructional “Job Aid” has been sent to you with step-by-step instructions (and screen shots) about what to do when you receive a review assignment. AFMC staff will be happy to help you navigate this additional system. We want to make this as simple as possible for you.

If you haven’t yet completed a DMS 5002 form and want to be set up as a reviewer in the DHS Medicaid Provider Portal, please contact Sally Johnson at