Summertime is here and livin’ should be easy, but it has been a busy time at AFMC. There have been a lot of technical changes and challenges over the last few months for therapy advisors who are performing reviews. We have all learned some lessons and improvements have been made. We appreciate that you have continued to work with us on these transitions. As always, we greatly value the work you do for AFMC and Arkansas patients.

VDI and ReviewPoint

Moving to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has been crucial to our external review work. In an age where technology has made many things possible, it also can be challenging to go through the process of change. Many of you have provided excellent feedback as we implement VDI into the AFMC ReviewPoint workflow. Because we are handling Patient Health Information (PHI), security is our highest priority to protect and keep patients’ sensitive medical history secure.

AFMC’s Communications staff continue to work on educational materials with screen shots and videos to help with login and logout issues. Our IT staff is developing a list of frequently asked questions that can assist you when using VDI or AFMC ReviewPoint.

We know many of you are doing reviews during your off hours. We understand how frustrating is when technology doesn’t work as planned. All our review staff and technical support team are here to assist you. Ideally, they can do that best and most comprehensively during normal business hours.

If you haven’t logged on in a while and you know you are going to be doing reviews at night or on weekends, I encourage you to make a quick call during business hours to our AFMC review staff. They can help you log on to VDI and AFMC ReviewPoint and trouble-shoot any issues.

If an issue arises on a weekend or holiday involving a time-critical review, call 501-553-7675 for assistance.

Timely payments

Several of you have had questions about when payment is made for completed reviews. Therapy advisors are paid for reviews that are completed the week between Sunday and the following Saturday. Accounting processes and issues checks the following Thursday. For those of you who have your checks mailed, they are mailed on that Thursday, or Friday if the check processing runs late. Direct deposits are effective on Friday. If you need any assistance with changing to direct deposit, please let us know and we can send you the form.

Your feedback is valuable

Please continue to provide us with feedback as we move forward in improving security and technology associated with review. I see a time when we will have worked through all these changes and can look back and think, “What did we do before we used VDI?” Thanks for your work and time – you are a valuable part of AFMC’s work of “improving health care and improving lives.”

Chad Rodgers, MD, FAAP
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer