2022 Summit Call for Award Nominees!

The purpose of the Arkansas Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Resilience Summit is to convene local, state, and national leaders committed to understanding the research, practice, and policy implications about ACEs to create a paradigm shift within healthcare, mental health, and child- and family-serving systems in Arkansas. Part of raising awareness about issues that affect children and families is recognizing the good work that is already being done in our community. That recognition not only assigns credit where credit is due but also encourages others to do good work as well.

The Phoenix Award

The Phoenix Award was established in 2018. It is named for the mythical bird phoenix that is reborn from its own ashes, signifying the recipient’s unselfish, lasting impact to raise awareness about and mitigate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Adverse Community Experiences (ACEs)—“a pair of ACEs”—in Arkansas. The Phoenix Award recognizes an exceptional educator, businessperson, policymaker, community leader or advocate who through their professional role is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families across our state.

The Rise Award

The Rise Award is inspired by the poem Still I Rise written by native Arkansan Maya Angelou. The Rise Award honors an individual who demonstrates resilience in action and uses their life experience to foster resilience in others. In essence, the honoree has “beat the odds” to overcome difficult obstacles such as abuse, neglect, family dysfunction or poverty.

Award Nomination Form


If you know of someone who embodies this award criteria, please fill out the Award Nomination form below. Honorees will receive their awards by mail and will be featured during the ACEs & Resilience Summit Series in September. The recipient of both awards will be selected by members of the ACEs & Resilience Summit planning committee. 

Each submission is limited to one nomination. You may submit the nomination form multiple times.

We appreciate your time and attention. If you have any questions, please email us at aces@afmc.org

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